Assurance Appraisals Inc.

Assurance Appraisals Inc. is a team of professional  real estate appraisers in the Greater Toronto Area – GTA which serves Central Ontario, Canada.Accurate Appraiser

Our appraisers will assist a wide range of clients in various appraisal assignments such as house or home appraisals, real estate, town houses and condo appraisals as well as rural properties.

We are specialized in the following real-estate (property, house, condo) appraisals:

  • Condominium appraisal
  • Multi Residential appraisal from 1 to 4 Units
  • Single Family-Urban appraisal
  • House appraisal
  • Single Family-Rural appraisal
  • Single Family-Vacant Land appraisal
  • Subdivision Home appraisal

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